Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thinking about books!

When you want to buy a book, what is the first criterion that you want to find out? Maybe the theme, content and also the title of the book itself. Yes! Nowadays readers are attracted to the title of the book and just then, they decide to buy it. The title of the book plays important role in catching the reader’s attention. Can you imagine how we are going to choose a book to read when we are standing in a huge book store that has thousand of books? I’m talking about the ‘common’ reader that is, a reader that only has the aim of finishing the book and uses the minimum power of thinking. Mostly, they like to read book that is not carries any serious issue and just for relaxing their mind. For example, a love story and something like that. We call it ‘karya picisan’ in Malay.

Some of the readers nowadays like to read, digest the information, argue the main issues and create their own ideology in facing life. Conspicuously, the interpretation of every reader is different. That is why we can organize many talks that discuss about certain books. For example, some friends of mine already have their own talk show program in university and also at any mall and mostly at DBP’s building. The discussion about their book and.. that is so wonderful! You write the book and the respective people such as the famous novel author and also professor are trying to elaborate and explaining to the whole people about the things that you have written… (cool!)

Maybe you might think that I like to dream so often. Haha, yeah right! The fact is, I am just a young writer that only has a very little experience about writing. I would like to say that, I’m not yet qualified to standing beside the other writer nowadays. Honestly, I am very proud to see my friend giving out many ideas and opinions about the current issue and sometimes they also talk about the human’s right from different perspectives. And the best thing is politic. They talk to each other and when people see their writing, the people might think that they are reading the writing of an adult. Most of them are younger than me! Wow…

Just now, I’ve read some comments from my friends’ photos. Photos of their novel front page. When I read the description under the photos, I just gulping my saliva and stop breathing. Wow! They choose the issues that are really ‘heavy’ for some readers. They are very creative and have the courage to change the paradigm of society. For example, we might think about riot, sadness and conflict of religion when someone talks about NATRAH. A friend of mine says, he offers a new perspective of this tragedy by publishing his new novel, “Namaku Bukan Maria” (My name isn’t Maria). Even though I’m not reading his novel yet, I’m sure his idealism will bring a different choices and way to be a better thinker. This is my first impression about his new novel after I was truly satisfied with his previous novel, that is, “Punya Cinta Ramadhan”. Congratz to you Ustaz Azman!

Erm, waiting for my first novel has made me feel that I’m not qualified enough to be like one of them. – {Writers that write and have the strength to change other’s mind to be more positive.} Wow..

Let just pray….


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